• Today's Gymga Daily Video Workout Gymga Josh Thomson MMA Shadow Boxing

    Gymga Josh Thomson MMA Shadow Boxing

    An absolute training staple. Shadow boxing helps perfect technique and timing. It tones the arms, builds upper body quick twitch muscles, and strengthens cardiovascular endurance. This shadow boxing workout is led by Former MMA Strike Force World Champion Josh Thomson. Train like a Champion. Fight like a Champion, Look like a Champion. Feel like a Champion.

    Length: 16 min 13 secs
    Difficulty: Moderate
    Equipment you will need: None


What are Gymga MMA Workouts ?

Gymga's MMA workouts are designed to help you build the strength and endurance of a professional MMA fighter. This ongoing program consists of 12 grueling workouts that will test your limits and give you some of the best workouts you've ever had. Each workout is led by either a Professional Fighter or an elite trainer. Receive tips from professionals, train like the fighters do and put yourself to the test.

The Key to the System

The Key to Gymga's MMA Workout Series is Gymga's Burst Workout System. Gymga's Burst Workout System videos are intense, fast and designed to deliver results quickly. Results come from hard work and dedication. Press play every day and complete each workout from beginning to end. No matter what your fitness level, you'll see continuous improvement in the way you look and the way you feel.


The Full MMA Workout Program

Gymga Aerobic Abs and Rope Training

Improve your quickness and timing with rope training. Strengthen your abs and build cardiovascular endurance.

Gymga Chest, Dynamic Shoulder, Core Stability

The upper body workout that can be performed anywhere. All you need is determination, grit, and a desire to sweat.

Gymga Gilbert Melendez Fight Day

A great workout combined with practical self defense taught Mixed Martial Arts Strikeforce Lightweight Champion Gilbert Melendez


Gymga Professional Ultimate Fighter Josh Koschek Challenge

A full body workout and competition session against Professional Mixed Martial Arts, Ultimate Fighter Josh Koschek.

Gymga Explosive Plyometrics

Four power packed exercises in a routine that builds explosive power and burns those calories away.

Gymga Undefeated Kickboxer Champion Brian Schwartz Athletic Conditioning

Tone up that body and build your cardiovascular strength with this full body boxing basics workout.


Undefeated Kickboxer Champion Brian Schwartz Heavy Bag Fight Training

Retired Professional Kickboxer Brian Schwartz's full body heavy bag workout, teaches you the fight techniques that made him the Undefeated Champion.

Gymga Iron Booty Kicking Perfection

Kickboxing Champion Brian Schwartz teaches you techniques to tighten and turn that problem area booty into your greatest asset.

Gymga World Champion Abs with Josh Thomson

Shred your mid section and learn techniques designed to train your abs to withstand powerful body blows from world class athletes.


Gymga Former World Champ Josh Thomson's Matrix Full Body Workout

Former World Champ Josh Thomson provides you with his short on time, quick, dynamic, burst, full body workout, designed for optimal results.

Gymga Josh Thomson MMA Shadow Boxing

Build upper body quick twitch muscles and strengthen cardiovascular endurance. Train like a champion, feel like a champion.

Gymga Josh Thomson MMA Fighter Super Chest Super Body Workout

A grueling upper body workout combined with an intense lower body workout, to build your Super Body.