Jeremy T.

Starting Strength Coach based out of Oakland, California:

Teaching people the major barbell lifts of the squat, press, bench press, deadlift, and power clean.

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Joe D.

It amazes me sometimes, that Gymga puts up with my unpredictable absences and maintains my account!

Update as far as fitness. Still making re-gains but at least I'm getting back to where I was so that I can start making real progress again!

after a lone month and a half working in the field i'm back in the gym!

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Dragon C.

This site is listing my workouts wrong!

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Dragon C.

Whatever... there's another glitch again! My 6th workout was supposed to be:

6. 30 Jumping Jacks, 5 Pushups, 25 High Knees, 7 Burpees with a jump, 10 Crunches + 30 Mason Twists with a 10 lb dumbbell, 7 Squats with 2 / 30 lb dumbbells, 5 Pushups, 10 Crunches + Mason Twists with a 10 lb dumbbell, 5 Pushups, 7 Squats with 2 / 30 lb dumbbells

And everytime I try to change it, it won't, for some reason log it. It just goes to something else!

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Joe D.

I guess I'll make a quick note here since I have been absolutely terrible at keeping a record. As of right before leaving for training 3 months ago I was squatting around 425, my bench broke into the 300s my deadlift 5RM was 485 and I was fairly well conditioned. I had finally settled back into the Mark Rippetoe Texas Method as far as my strength workouts. The last 3 weeks I switched to a lot of burnout workouts to drop to shipping weight. Now that I'm back I expect most of those numbers to have dropped, but I'm just gonna set my jaw and start climbing back up the mountain!! Hope you're all well and getting ready for the holidays!

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Joe D.

Goodbye MCRD, back to the gym grind! Real food, real training.

Warrior Ethos

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Dragon C.

Saturday night. Not an excuse. Still bettering myself. Although, it's 10:30pm, but oh well, gotta get 'er done! I'm finally headin' in to DO WORK part #2. Call me crazy. Call me weird. Call me stupid. I don't care. I'll just keep turning my music up louder... #SaturdayWorkout #Day6 #LastWorkoutOfTheWeek

Hanging Leg Raises, Weighted Bean Situps, Weighted Side Bends, Strip Set Bicep Curls, F@H, & Yoga... it all begins now.

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Brian S.

Looks like Gymga has lost momentum, most of the founders have dropped off the site completely. Its a great site to keep track your progress, get inspiration, and inspire others towards reaching their own fitness goals. Shame few are using it now.

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Michelle S.

Learn more about R.I.P.P.E.D.

2123 days ago at 7:01alink

Joe D.

I promise I'm still alive!

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