Brian C.

After two month of eating paleo. lost 10 lbs and 2% BF

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Marco C.

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Marco C.

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Michelle S.

Great RIPPED Class this AM with my Triplets!

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dhananjay j. (@dj12)


2283 days ago at 4:40a

Michelle S.

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Dragon C.

Done. =)

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Dragon C.

Kenpo day! - Today I will be doing P90X Kenpo X *PLUS* Insanity Fast and Furious. =)

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Dragon C.

Early Birthday present arrived! *stoked!* =)

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Jessica F.

Working hard to get back down to pre-twin pregnacy size. 3lbs to go on weigh but my s is proving difficult to lose

2495 days ago at 8:22alink

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Jessica F. (@jlfields)

*tummy not "s"

2495 days ago at 8:27a

Michelle S.

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