Gymga FAQ


What is Gymga?

Gymga is a free social fitness site designed to make tracking your exercise habits fun and enjoyable. Gymga also provides a workout video library, led by fitness experts and professional athletes.

How do you pronounce Gymga and what is FitSeven?

Gymga is pronounced "GYM-GUH".

Gymga is part of FitSeven, Inc. FitSeven comes from our goal of using improvements in technology to both motivate and improve the general health and well being of the 7 Billion people on the planet.

Who are you guys and why did you create Gymga?

We are two old friends who met as kids, enjoying sports and athletics. We both went on to start various successful internet business ventures separately after college, but maintained our friendship throughout.

In early 2010, we decided it was time to take the passion for fitness we shared and do something good for the world - to create an interactive social fitness site to motivate and inspire fitness and overall health.

To that end, our goals at Gymga are (1) to make fitness more interactive and social, (2) to make tracking your exercise habits easy and (3) to make it easy for people to discover new ways to exercise.

How should I use Gymga?

First, make a commitment to yourself
The American Heart Association recommends that individuals perform a moderate amount of exercise 30 mins each day. Make a commitment to yourself that you'll exercise a certain amount of hours each week. Gymga's Workout Log makes keeping track of your exercise hours easy!

Track your workouts
People who track their exercise habits are much more likely to meet their weight and fitness goals. We strive to make the tracking part easy, not complicated. Record what you did and where you did it. Share it with the community, get tips, props and motivation to stay on track!

Interact with other people on Gymga
The Gymga Community is made up of fitness newbies, fitness fanatics and everyone in between. Leave comments to congratulate and help motivate other people. Ask people about their exercise habits or for advice on building your own program. Your fitness doesn't have to be a solitary journey!

Try some workouts from other users
Let's face it. Every workout routine can get old and boring. People often blame themselves for being to lazy to exercise, but many times it's not entirely their fault. You can't really blame yourself for not feeling like going to the gym if all you're doing is going through the same workout routine you've been doing for 10 years. Gymga is filled with a diversity of people and exercise routines. Try some out for yourself. You might just find something you like!

How do I track my workouts?

Just create an account and and start posting your workouts! Our workout posting tools make tracking easy!

Why would I want to follow someone?

When you choose to follow another Gymga user, you benefit from seeing how that other person exercises. You can ask them questions about their workouts. You can motivate them to keep working out. You can make a new friend. And we believe at Gymga, that when your workout becomes social, there is a greater likelihood you will keep working out, because you fitness routines becomes more fun!

How do I follow someone?

Just click the Follow button and that's it!

What are Gymga's Burst Workouts?

Gymga Burst Workouts are short, intense workouts that you can do right at home. Gymga workouts are designed to minimize time and maximize results. Each workout will test your limits and give you a great workout.