We created Gymga with a simple goal in mind: Make getting fit and staying healthy more enjoyable for everyone. To us, this boiled down to a few simple ideas:

Make Fitness More Social

Every activity is more fun when done with friends or other like-minded people. We want you to be able to invite your friends and share your fitness experiences on Gymga. Working together, you can help inspire others to get fit while staying motivated and enjoying the journey.

Make Tracking Easy

Keeping an exercise log is one of the single most effective methods of ensuring that you reach your fitness, exercise and weight goals.There are a ton of sites out there that let you track your workouts in painful detail, but most websites make the process more of a chore than a pleasurable experience. At Gymga, we are constantly working on ways to make tracking, posting and logging your fitness milestones both easy and fun.

Make it Easy for People to Discover New Ways to Exercise

Let's face it, the same old exercise routine gets boring for everyone. Still doing that high school sports workout you learned 10 years ago? No wonder it's hard to motivate to get to the gym. Variety is the spice of life...and of fitness!

Click around Gymga to see how other people like you exercise. Leave them a comment, ask for tips and follow their workouts. Try one for yourself and you might discover a new fun ways to stay fit!

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Gymga Video Workouts

Can't find the motivation to get to the gym? Dreading the time wasted hopping in the car, going to the gym and then driving back home? Gym fees getting you down? Wish you could get a great workout at home at an affordable price? As part of our mission to make exercising more enjoyable, we've put together a variety of home fitness video workouts that you can do right at home, at an affordable price, led by top athletes.

Gymga Video Workouts feature professional athletes that lead you through great workouts designed to deliver results in highly time-efficient workouts. Up for the challenge? Try one today!

Your friends,
Nick and James

A little more about Nick and James - We are two friends that enjoy leading healthy lives and staying fit. We've started a number of companies and are hooked on the challenge and exhilaration that comes with creating new products and services that help improve people's lives. We hope Gymga does that for you. Got a suggestion? We'd love to hear from you. Contact us here.